“Saudi is crown jewel of regional changes”: listen to our podcast, Defense Matters

In the latest episode of Defense Matters, host Aron Heller speaks with Middle East expert, prof. Uzi Rabi, about the pivotal position of the Saudi Kingdom, Biden’s upcoming visit, and chances for normalization with Israel

“Saudi is crown jewel of regional changes”: listen to our podcast, Defense Matters

Defense Matters host Aron Heller with guest prof. Uzi Rabi. Screenshot

“Saudi Arabia is a state that has become very imperative to the geopolitical situation in the Middle East, mainly in the recent decades…and it is trying to capitalize on the new situation in order to persuade the US to support a regional realignment.”

This analysis was offered by Prof. Uzi Rabi, Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for the Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University, who was the central guest of Defense Matters, the new podcast by Israel Defense and IAI. 

Speaking with host Aron Heller during the episode “Seeking the Saudis,” Rabi shared his knowledge about the kingdom’s history, current transformation and desire to be a major global player under MBS – and the potential of normalizing ties with Israel.

“What we see is an extension of the Abraham Accords – which were a geopolitical revolution. The Palestinian problem is no longer the elephant in the room,” said Rabi. “Saudi Arabia could tell you that Israel is a legitimate player in the Middle East. Saudi It is the crown jewel when it comes to the deep changes the region is witnessing.”

In our Gamechanger segment, Heller speaks with our first return guest Ilan Bublil, Business Development and Marketing Director of Elta Systems at IAI, who shares the highly advanced and innovative sensors available today in medical science, how they assist in reading patients remotely, and how they compare to traditional methods.

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