Israeli PM in Paris: “Sometimes there is no choice but to use the force of war to protect peace

Lapid met with French President Macron on his first official overseas trip since assuming office

Israeli PM in Paris: “Sometimes there is no choice but to use the force of war to protect peace

Photo by Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris yesterday (Tuesday), and delivered a strong message regarding the battle against Iran and its proxies, especially Hezbollah.

“We (Israel and France) have disagreements about the content of the agreement, but we do not disagree on the facts. The facts are that Iran is violating the agreement and continues to develop its nuclear program,” said Lapid, speaking at the Elysée Palace 

before a private meeting with Macron, followed by an expanded meeting with their staff members.
“Iran is hiding information from the world, it is enriching uranium beyond the level it is allowed to, and it has removed cameras from its nuclear sites. Given all this, the world must respond.”
“Sometimes there is no choice but to use the force of war to protect peace.”

Lapid expressed concern over the current situation with Iran, noting that if it continues, “It will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which would threaten world peace. We must all work together to stop that from happening.”

Going on to state that “Any place that terrorism is found, Iran is never far away,” Lapid mentioned some of the recent terror attacks attempts by the Islamic country.
“Just recently, the Turkish government exposed Iranian cells that planned to murder innocent Israeli tourists in Istanbul. A few days ago, Iranian-made UAVs tried to attack an Israeli gas rig near the Lebanese coast.
“These UAVs were sent by Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that threatens Lebanon’s stability, violates its sovereignty, pushes it towards a dangerous escalation with Israel, and harms the national interests of Lebanon — a country I know is dear to your heart.
“Hezbollah has more than one hundred thousand rockets in Lebanon, aimed at Israel. It tries to attack us with Iranian rockets and UAVs. Israel will not sit back and do nothing, given these repeated attacks.”

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