Biden’s upcoming visit: Checking the pulse of Israel/US relations - Listen

In this episode of Defense Matters, our new podcast, host Aron Heller chats with diplomacy and security expert Helit Barel on traditional alliances in the face of regional and global shifts and challenges

Biden’s upcoming visit: Checking the pulse of Israel/US relations - Listen

Photo: Israel Defense / Defense Matters

Israel Defense, in association with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is proud to present its new podcast: Defense Matters | A Podcast about defense, technology and the powers that move them.

In Episode 6, we focus on the upcoming Biden visit to the Middle East and what it means for Israel and the region.

Host Aron Heller speaks with Helit Barel, a security expert on US-Israel relations, the former Director at the Israeli National Security Council, a founding member of Forum Dvorah, Women in Foreign Policy and National Security, and the former Executive Director of the Council for Peace and Security (currently Israel's National Security Council).

Heller and Barel compare past relationships of the two countries, examine the dynamic of the current leaders, and review the related issues involving Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Palestinian issue.

“It’s not going to be a lovefest,” said Barel, comparing the upcoming visit to the previous one, when Trump and Netanyahu were in power. “It’s not going to be so much about personal relationships and long-standing friendships, not so much the superlatives and flying off the cuff, but rather a very crafted, constructed style of engagement.”

In our Gamechanger segment, Aron talks to Nir Salomon, Head of U.S. Desk & Business Development, IAI’s Military Aircraft Group. Salomon explains the need for maritime airborne surveillance to protect coastal borders, and how IAI’s long-endurance, unmanned systems radically increase the safety and success rate against coastal-related threats.

** This episode was recorded shortly before the Israeli government called for new elections due to its political instability. As a result, it will be alternate PM Yair Lapid who will be hosting President Joe Biden during his visit in July 2022.**

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