French Army selects Benelli Supernova as standard issue shotgun

Beretta will supply the shotgun rifle to all French armed forces for 7 years with a total value of 4.5 million euros

French Army selects Benelli Supernova as standard issue shotgun

Photo: Benelli website

Beretta Defense has won a 4.5 million Euro contract from the French Ministry of Defense for the supply of Supernova 12-gauge shotguns made by its subsidiary Benelli to all French armed forces. This makes the Supernova rifle the standard issue shotgun of the army.

The convertible Benelli M3 (capable of both pump-action and semi-auto) shotgun is already in use in special French Army units, but according to a senior company official, the Benelli Supernova Tactical, after very severe evaluation tests from which it emerged as the winner, becomes the standard shotgun of the entire French armed forces, in 3 different versions, 18.5″ Tactical, 14″ Tactical and 28″ Anti-drone.

The Firearm Blog notes that the 18.5 and 14-inch configurations are quite common barrel lengths, while the 28-inch barrel for anti-drone work is seen less frequently as some militaries are fielding electronic jamming “rifles,” which have much greater range than conventional firearms. There was no further mention as to how many of each length model of the Supernova shotguns the French Armed Forces have settled on.

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