RAFAEL Unveils the SPIKE NLOS 6th Generation Missile

New salvo controls, system handover, target acquisition, and extended ranges are some of the enhanced capabilities in this latest model of the world-renowned SPIKE precision missile family

Photo courtesy RAFAEL

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will unveil the SPIKE NLOS 6th generation precision missile this week at Eurosatory 2022 in Paris, France.

Rafael’s SPIKE missile family of multi-purpose, electrooptical guided missiles provides pinpoint precision at extended ranges with the NLOS variant successfully engaging non-line of sight targets. 

SPIKE NLOS, launched from air, land, or naval platforms, provides critical real-time tactical intelligence and damage assessments allowing it to adjust targets and abort missions midflight, and operate in both offensive and defense scenarios.

The SPIKE NLOS 6th generation, building on the exceptional operational success of the entire SPIKE missile family, includes several new, enhanced capabilities to account for modern battlefield needs and trends. Specifically, these advanced technologies more quickly close the sensor-to-shooter loop and more efficiently neutralize swarm attacks from standoff ranges, improving overall battlefield survivability as a result.

Some of these newer elements of the 6th generation SPIKE NLOS include:

-Salvo Launch & Control Capabilities: From a single launcher and operator, the SPIKE NLOS 6th generation can launch and control airborne salvos up to four missiles simultaneously. This new capability enables operationalizes the element of surprise and creates an immediate, significant effect.   

-System Handover & Transfer of Control: Control over launched NLOS 6th generation missiles can be transferred between battlefield platforms midflight for optimal success across operational scenarios.

-Target Image Acquisition: RAFAEL's new image matching capabilities have been integrated into the NLOS 6th generation to enable swift aerial image transfers to the missile system. Effective, accurate sensor-shooter closure is a critical operational need which was previously conducted through transferred target coordinates. Now, target images can be matched with the missile’s video images during flight, designating a target to the appropriate operator.  

-Extended Missile Range: The NLOS the 6th generation now reaches extended ranges up to 50 km when launched from a helicopter and up to 32 km from land and naval platforms. Together with NLOS’ beyond-line-of-sight launch and passive capabilities, these extended ranges increase the already very high platform survivability.

“The SPIKE NLOS serves as the foundation of the entire SPIKE Missile Family which has achieved incredible success and been widely incorporated over the years, being operated by thirty-nine customers around the world. The NLOS has evolved and now we see its most advanced and capable model, its 6th generation," said Ran Gozali, Head of Land and Naval Division.

"For RAFAEL, it is a source of great pride and emblematic of its creativity and innovation. This advanced NLOS missile demonstrates our understanding of our customers’ operational needs and provides the best possible answer."

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