Swedish army sets up new cyber units

Named ITF and 2ITF, the new units will be used for protecting against intrusions and attacks on armed forces networks and to wage armed combat in the cyber arena

Swedish army sets up new cyber units

Photo: Mattias Andersson / The Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Ministry of Defense announced that the military will be setting up new cyber unites, ITF and 2ITF, to protect the nation against intrusions and attacks on armed forces networks. Recruitment is underway, and the goal is to fully staff both units by 2027.

"The new unit will significantly increase the Armed Forces' robustness and capacity for defensive and offensive cyber operations," said Lieutenant Colonel Johan Nyström, project manager for the second ITF (2ITF).

ITF will be tasked with protecting the armed forces’ command systems against intrusions and attacks, as well as with handling IT incidents both proactively and reactively. 2ITF will be a separate unit under the armed forces telecommunications and information systems unit, FMTIS.

In December 2020, the Swedish parliament passed the Total Defense Bill, which discusses ways to strengthen the military’s cyber capabilities by 2025. Shepard Media notes that measures are in place to establish a military training facility for cyber defense education, training and exercises. A national cyber security center is also planned.

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