Italian Army Chooses Scorpio as Future Sniper Rifle

The rifle is already used by several units in the Italian army and the intention now is to equip regular units with this sniper rifles as well

Italian Army Chooses Scorpio as Future Sniper Rifle

Photo from Victrix Armaments website

The Italian army has decided to purchase hundreds of new Scorpio sniper rifles made by Victrix Armaments (a subsidiary of Beretta Defense Group), which will initially be used together with the Sako TRG42 sniper rifle and later replaced them.

The Spanish website reports that the rifle is already in the hands of several units in the Italian army, such as the paratroopers, the Alpine unit, the Lagunari amphibious combat unit and the Italian navy commando (Incursori Operational Group). The intention now is to equip regular units with this sniper rifles as well.

The Army has opted for the variant adapted to the popular caliber, the .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6x70mm) which is capable of neutralizing human targets at distances of about two kilometers, or even further.

The Scorpio incorporates a new modular chassis that includes anchors in the front to place accessories and that in the upper part has a Picatinny rail of 20 MOA (Minute of Angle) in which to fix daytime optical sights and nighttime complementary ones, or thermal. 

Its pistol grip, where the shooter's hand is secured while he waits to open fire, is especially vertical to make it more comfortable, and the stock, which is foldable to reduce the overall size, has an adjustable cheek piece and rear butt plate and a small monopod that helps to stabilize the whole.

The option that Italians receive has a 26" barrel with a 1/10 flute pitch, although it is not ruled out that a more compact model with a 22" barrel may also arrive. Without the scope or cartridges in its magazines that hold seven rounds, it weighs about 6.7 kilograms. 

It is quite compact with the stock folded to facilitate its transport in all types of conditions and scenarios. It includes an effective front muzzle brake or a place where a sonic suppressor can also be attached. It has been suggested that they arrive with Steiner 5-25x56mm scopes, although it is likely that another model from the same German manufacturer, (also part of the Beretta group), may be chosen. 

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