Following 3.5 years of construction, the Israel-Gaza border barrier is complete

The 65km long barrier includes an underground component with sensors, an above-ground fence, a naval barrier, radar systems and command and control rooms to prevent infiltrations from the Gaza strip into Israeli territor

Following 3.5 years of construction, the Israel-Gaza border barrier is complete

Photo: Israeli Ministry of Defense

Work on a 65km long border barrier between Israel and the Gaza strip has been completed, following 3.5 years of construction. The Barrier includes five elements that complement each other: an underground barrier with sensors,  "smart" fence over 6 meters high, a maritime barrier that includes means to detect infiltrations at sea and a weapon system that is controlled remotely, an array of radars and cameras, and command and control rooms

Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, spoke at the ceremony held to mark the construction’s completion on Tuesday.  "The barrier, which is an innovative and technologically advanced project, deprives Hamas of one of the capabilities it tried to develop, and places an ‘iron wall’, sensors and concrete between the terror organization and the residents of the Israel’s south. This barrier will provide Israeli citizens a sense of security and will enable this beautiful region to continue developing and flourishing.”

“Routine life here [in southern Israel], is our victory, and it is the greatest threat to terrorist organizations. We will continue to maintain our readiness to thwart any attempt to harm Israeli citizens, with an emphasis on rocket attacks from Gaza. We will also prevent the transfer of Iranian know-how and technology to Gaza, and will continue thwarting any attempt by Hamas to operate its affiliates in Judea and Samaria or anywhere in Israel. Their attempts have failed time and again.” 

Minister Gantz added: "In order to change the reality in Gaza, our demands are simple and clear - halting Hamas’ military build-up, long-term quiet, and the return of our boys [MIA]. We are working tirelessly to achieve this. I advise Hamas to deal with these issues and not focus on threats."

More than 1,200 workers were involved in the construction of the barrier, which was was planned and built jointly by the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. Six concrete plants were established along the border with the Gaza Strip. About 220,000 trucks of concrete were used, as well as 140,000 tons of iron and steel. The barrier includes hundreds of cameras, radars and other sensors.

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