For the first time, Israel sends top defense delegation to Dubai Airshow

History in the making for both Israel and the UAE, with the inauguration of the Israeli SIBAT (Int’l Defense Cooperation Directorate( pavilion. SIBAT head: turning vision into reality

For the first time, Israel sends top defense delegation to Dubai Airshow

Brig. Gen. (Res.), Yair Kulas, Head of SIBAT, at the pavilion’s inaugural ceremony. All photos by Amir Rapaport

Another historic milestone in Israel-UAE relation, with the first-ever pavilion of SIBAT (the International Defense Cooperation Directorate at the Israeli Ministry of Defense) opening at the Dubai Airshow.

At the inaugural ceremony Brig. Gen. (Res.), Yair Kulas, Head of SIBAT, addressed Tariq al-Aziz, who heads the security relations with Israel in the UAE: “We were first here only a year ago, to turn a vision into reality. Since then, we’ve seen a rapid integration of the relations normalization in all walks of life. And now here we are, a top Israeli security delegation, turning cooperation into reality.”

President and CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Boaz Levy, said that the Israeli pavilions at the airshow have been fostering a great deal of interest, and are accepted as “completely natural” in the Emirati landscape.  

SIBAT pavilion

Yair Maor, VP of Marketing for Elta at the IAI pavilion with a guest

IAI pavilion

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI

Uvision pavilion

Rafael pavilion

Israel Cyber Directorate’s Tamir Goren (center) during a panel on cyber and aviation



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