Israel Aerospace Industries increases cooperation with Korean counterpart

Companies sign additional MoU on loitering munitions, to secure a new concept weapons system

Israel Aerospace Industries increases cooperation with Korean counterpart

MoU signing, photo courtesy IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) on a loitering munitions program, to secure a new concept weapons system that will maximize the effectiveness of Suppression and Destruction of Enermy Air Defenses (SEAD & DEAD) missions.

The expanded cooperation between IAI and KAI will offer the South Korean military with new technologies, and will establish concrete cooperation plans through joint feasibility studies between the two companies. 

IAI is a global leader in developing loitering munition systems. The new concept weapon system technology maximizes the effectiveness of SEAD & DEAD missions, can perform long-endurance reconnaissance missions, and can strike a target immediately when necessary. IAI's loitering munitions, including IAI's HARPY NGW and HAROP loitering missile, are combat proven in many countries around the world.  

Chang Heon Han, Executive VP and Head of Future Business Division at KAI, said: “With the goal of leading the future of unmanned aerial vehicles, we are dedicated to developing next-generation unmanned aerial vehicle technology, and we will develop solutions that meet various customer needs.”

Yehuda (Hudi) Lahav, Executive VP of Marketing at IAI, said: “IAI is proud to continue expanding our collaboration with KAI, and share our combat-proven capabitilies in the field of loitering munitions.

“IAI is happy to partner with one of Korea's leading companies, and to continue growing our collaboration with the local defense market and Korean industry leaders. IAI looks forward to growing our partnerships with local Korean companies like KAI."

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