Insurights unveils Zoe, the virtual chief health officer

The Israeli company announces $22M in seed funding to promote its AI advisor, designed to help employees access, understand and utilize their health benefits

Insurights unveils Zoe, the virtual chief health officer

Credit: Insurights

Insurights, an AI-powered platform designed by four Israeli innovators, in order to improve human health by allowing employees to seamlessly access, understand and utilize their health benefits, today announces a total of $22M in seed investment led by Group 11. The platform is bringing on-demand, personally tailored answers to any employee with questions on how to navigate their employer-provided health benefits, regardless of their insurance provider.

The company’s innovative AI-driven platform uses Natural Language Processing technology to provide direct and clear answers to specific questions about health benefits based on an employee’s specific healthcare plan. Its key feature is Zoe, Insurights’ “Virtual Chief Health Officer,” who is able to analyze and break down any healthcare plan offered by any insurance carrier.

Zoe eliminates the need to search through endless policy PDFs, or spend time on the phone with customer service agents. She can provide each employee with invaluable, time-saving information including how much a specific treatment would cost based on the employee’s coverage, recommended providers that accept the employee’s insurance and, soon, the ability for employees to make appointments within the platform.

What’s more, Zoe will proactively remind employees to set up preventative care check ups like mammograms, yearly physicals, hearing tests and more, helping employees combat late detection, which costs employers up to $55B a year.

“The way U.S. workers engage with their health benefits is broken. We believed there had to be a better, more user-centric and innovative way for employees to understand what their health plans actually cover,” said Guy Benjamin, co-CEO and co-founder of Insurights. “At Insurights, we strive to simplify the healthcare process, leading to healthier, happier employees.” 

Insurights was founded by Guy Benjamin, Ben Nagar, Dr. Elad Ofir and Ben Goldenberg. After moving to America to join McKinsey & Company, Benjamin was struck by the complexity and inefficiency of the U.S. healthcare system. Influenced by his personal frustrations, Insurights, is paving the way for the future of healthcare transparency.

Group 11 led the $22M seed round in Insurights along with participation from Cresson Management, Good Company, and Insurtech Israel. The company will use the funds to build and scale its fast-growing team with seasoned backgrounds in the healthcare and insurance industries, including medical and insurance experts. 

“Guy, Ben and the founding team at Insurights have an exceptional understanding of what is needed to solve one of the most common problems in U.S. healthcare,” said Group 11 Founding Partner Dovi Frances.

“With Insurights, employees will no longer need to spend hours on the phone with insurance reps. HR managers will spend less time resolving employee benefits issues and deciding which healthcare plan to offer employees each year."

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