Roboteam's Probot participates in German military's field tests

The Israeli company’s UGV was tested for driving characteristics, remote control, combat shooting capabilities and more

Roboteam's Probot participates in German military's field tests

The Probot. Photo - Roboteam's official website

The Probot, an unmanned ground vehicle (UVG) Made by Israeli company Roboteam, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, took part in field tests conducted by the German Federal Military Procurement Manager (BAAINBw) and the office of German Army Development under the title "Unmanned Ground Vehicles to support dismounted forces". The German website Soldat & Technik says that the test program included driving characteristics, teleoperation / remote control, use of autonomous functions and combat shooting firing with the support of the UGVs.

Elbit describes the Probot as a professional robot for combat, reconnaissance and logistics tasks. The compact UGV (L / W / H: 1.95m / 1.33m / 1.12m) weighs 435 kg and can carry 750 kg payload. Electric drive on all four wheels (optionally with an additional rubber chain) from a 48V battery enables eight hours of operation at a speed of up to twelve km/h.

Controlled from a hardened operator console, the Probot can record 360 images  with day / night vision cameras -- supported by infrared lighting -- together with GPS data and transmit them via a secure mobile IP ad hoc network with mesh function. Under line-of-sight conditions, the range is 1,500 meters.

The website notes that the Probot has been in use in the IDF for some time, and the French army has selected a version of the Probot for tests during a mission. According to the French military’s announcement from last May, the system had prevailed against four other providers in the run-up to the competition.

Four of these systems were deployed from March to June 2021 by soldiers from the 126th Infantry Regiment as part of Operation Barkhane in the Sahel. These tests are part of a larger curriculum that the French Army conducts with a specific goal: to get feedback from an infantry unit about the use of UGVs in action. 

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