Israel’s Vidisco supplies U.S. Air Force with explosive detection systems

Under the $30 million contract, the company has already installed over 50 digital radiographic X-ray systems, which are in use by various Air Force units and in bases

Israel’s Vidisco supplies U.S. Air Force with explosive detection systems

Photo courtesy Vidisco

Vidisco, an Israeli provider of portable, accurate and safe X-ray detection solutions for armies, security forces and law enforcement agencies, announced that it has been awarded a $30 million contract by the U.S. Air Force to supply its Guardian 12 systems for the detection of explosives, such as IEDs or unexploded ordnances. Over 50 of the systems have already been installed and are in use at various Air Force bases.

According the company, the Guardian 12 Digital Radiographic X-ray system enhances EOD capabilities by making it easier to view the internal contents of suspicious packages, improvised explosive devices and unexploded ordnances. It increases force protection by capturing high-quality, concise images in a few seconds, reducing the amount of time the force has to spend in close proximity to hazardous devices.

Weighing less than 7 kg and housed in a compact carrying case for easy mobilization for flyaway missions, the Guardian 12 has been specially adapted to the needs of the Air Force. With its rapid and easy deployment, the system is also designed to work in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and harsh environments.

The Guardian 12 also offers operational flexibility. With its unique capability for working in low or high frequencies, it is suitable for deployment in different regions and countries in the world where forces may be located. The system has a long, stable wireless range making it highly reliable and able to pass through doors and walls in enclosed spaces.

Vidisco notes that this long-term contract includes the provision of additional systems, support and training services by Vidisco USA for a period of five years, with an option to extend for a further two years.

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