German Army procures Smart Shooter's 'SMASH' anti-drone system

The systems were mounted on the Army's G95K and G27 rifles 

German Army procures Smart Shooter's 'SMASH' anti-drone system

Screenshot from Bundeswehr video

The German Army is testing the anti-drone "SMASH" system of the Israeli manufacturer Smart Shooter, according to a video released Wednesday by the German Armed Forces.

The German website Soldat & Technik reported that according to well-informed circles, the tests were successful so the German Army wants to procure several SMASH systems for immediate use. In the video, the SMASH-AD and SMASH-X4 systems are shown as they are tested on two rifles, a G95K (a 5.56mm x 45 caliber Heckler & Koch HK416 A7) and a G27 (a 7.62 x 51 caliber Heckler & Koch HK417).

It was previously reported by Israel Defense that the Indian Navy purchased SMASH systems from Smart Shooter for use against drones, and that the company had been selected by the U.S. military as one of a handful of suppliers approved to develop anti-drone solutions and as a possible anti-drone solution provider for NATO.

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