Israel's SCADAfence to supply cybersecurity for OT infrastructures worldwide 

The company is partnering with Keysight Technologies to accelerate innovation in the fields of connectivity and security as well as to help organizations gain better cyber control of industrial environments 

Israel's SCADAfence to supply cybersecurity for OT infrastructures worldwide 

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Israel's SCADAfence, a supplier of cybersecurity services for Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments, announced that it has established a partnership with U.S.-based Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that supplies advanced design and validation solutions, in order to accelerate innovation in the fields of connectivity and security as well as expand visibility and cybersecurity in some of the most complex OT networks in the world. This new partnership will help organizations gain better control of industrial environments, detect malicious activities, reduce risks using continuous monitoring, and proactively lower the threat level.   

As more and more critical network infrastructures adopt advanced automation systems for integration of their OT and SCADA technologies, securing the expanded attack surface from threats has become more challenging with each attack. The management of these risks has become more complex due to the fact that most networks and OT devices are not directly monitored by the security team. As a result, it is more difficult to monitor and secure the industrial control systems (ICS) because they are very diverse, and most of the time they operate with an increased risk of industrial-specific vulnerabilities.  

This new partnership between SCADAfence and Keysight will enable organizations to gain greater visibility into their OT and IT networks, and to expand their detection and response capabilities in their OT environments. SCADAfence's non-intrusive platform for deep packet inspection (DPI) together with Keysight's network packet brokers (NPB) solution, will work together to provide complete network traffic visibility, security and asset inventory management in real time for their industrial customers.       

"Protecting and securing OT environments from security threats and anomalies has become a top priority for the industrial sector and we provide deep packet-level visibility with accurate real-time analytics," said Elad Ben-Meir, CEO of SCADAfence. "We're excited to partner with Keysight Technologies to help industrial organizations leverage both solutions for better visibility and more advanced packet information within OT environments."

"Critical infrastructures are being targeted more than ever and are facing more security threats in the OT and IoT networks. The mitigation process can take from weeks to possibly months to patch vulnerabilities within the more complex environments," said Taran Singh, vice president, enterprise solutions, Keysight. "Our joint-partnership with SCADAfence will allow our customers and other industrial organizations to speed up that process from weeks to a few days."

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