Chilean Army reveals it is using IWI 'Arad' assault rifles 

The Arad, which was introduced in 2019, has been offered to the IDF, the Israel Police's "Yamam" unit and Brazil's Sao Paolo Military Police 

Chilean Army reveals it is using IWI 'Arad' assault rifles 

BOE Lautaro troops with their new uniforms and IWI Arad rifles. Photo: Chilean Army

A report by the Infodefensa website on a recent Chilean Army parade shows troops carrying 'Arad' assault rifles made by Israel's IWI.  

"The Chilean Army exhibited for the first time in the Great Military Parade the IWI Arad assault rifle of the Special Operations Brigade (BOE) Lautaro and the new Multicam combat outfit" that will replace the uniforms used by the units of the ground force, the report said.

The new IWI Arad assault rifle was shown with various accessories such as the GL 40mm grenade launcher. 

The Arad was introduced in 2019 and offered to the IDF. The rifle is under consideration for a tender to supply weapons to members of elite combat units. It weighs only 2.85kg and is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. The rifle was also offered to the Israel Police's "Yamam" unit.  

In addition, the rifle was offered recently to Brazil's Sao Paolo Military Police

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