Dozens more radars from Israel's Rada to be installed on US Army M-SHORAD vehicles

Defense contractor Leonardo will supply dozens of mission equipment packages, including radars made by the Israeli company, for Maneuver Short Range Air Defense systems under a deal worth $204 million

Dozens more radars from Israel's Rada to be installed on US Army M-SHORAD vehicles

The M-SHORAD. Photo from the Rada website 

American company Leonardo DRS announced last week that it has been awarded a $204 million contract by General Dynamics to provide additional mission equipment packages (MEPs) for the U.S. Army's new armored vehicle for short-range air defense, called M-SHORAD. The MEPs include Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar made by Rada USA, the U.S. subsidiary of Israel's Rada.  

Under the contract, the company is to provide 59 additional MEPs for the Maneuver Short Range Air Defense program. This order follows the first order for 28 MEPs that is scheduled to be delivered early next year. According to Leonardo DRS, these production contract awards follow a very rapid prototyping effort that came after intensive government testing and the fielding of four M-SHORAD systems in Germany. 

Besides Rada's radar system, the M-SHORAD MEP includes American company Moog's Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform turret with multiple kinetic effectors including the XM914E1 30mm cannon, M240 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, Stinger and Longbow Hellfire missiles, and several other technologies. The M-SHORAD is based on the 8x8 Stryker wheeled armored vehicle.

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