Biden approves $47 million worth of US military aid to Lebanon

However, it is not clear whether the aid will be provided in the form of funding or in the form of equipment  

The Biden administration has approved $47 million in military aid to Lebanon, but it is not certain that the Lebanese Army will receive any actual funding. The president authorized drawdowns by the State and Defense departments to support Lebanon's military, a statement by the White House said.    

The Defense News website reported that although the president authorized military aid, neither the types of equipment, nor whether the aid is in line with Lebanese Army requests and U.S. interests, were specified.  

Therefore, said Aram Nerguizian, a senior associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, it is too early to say exactly what type of military aid will be given by the U.S. to Lebanon.  

The two countries have signed a security cooperation agreement under which the U.S. provided Lebanon with weapons, ammunition and equipment "to help it carry out operational and logistical tasks," the website said. 

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