Rafael aims to supply Spike LR2 missiles to Serbia, Poland

The company is in talks for the sale of the anti-tank guided missiles to Serbia, and is planning to sell Spike LR2 technology and other products to Poland 

Rafael aims to supply Spike LR2 missiles to Serbia, Poland

Photo: Rafael

Is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems about to sell anti-tank Spike LR2 long-range guided missiles to Serbia and Poland? According to Balkan website SeeNews, the Israeli company is in talks for the sale of the Spike LR2 to Serbia. Rafael's regional director Al Zaher said "We are acting in Serbia together with state-owned defense products manufacturer Jugoimport-SDPR and we are working on the promotion of Spike LR2 rockets."

If a deal with Jugoimport is reached, Rafael will also offer other weapons like the Spike ER and NLOS missiles that have a much longer range, Zaher added.

Meanwhile, the Defense News website reported that Poland is another potential market for Spike LR2 missiles. Roland Steinbrecher, regional director for corporate international marketing and business development at Rafael, told Defense News that the company aims to extend its presence in Poland and introduce the Spike LR2 and other Rafael products in the market. "The first deal with state-owned Mesko plant was signed in 2003, providing our Polish partners with the necessary technology to produce the majority of the final product. Six years ago, we signed a new contract which is to end in 2021," he said. "We would like to sign a new agreement to supply Mesko with new technology, allowing them to produce the Spike LR2."

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