Report: Russian pilots carrying out missions in Syria using American GPS systems 

The systems made by the U.S.-based Garmin company have been installed in the cockpits of Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers of the Russian Air Force in Syria 

Fighter pilots of the Russian Air Force are using American GPS systems in combat missions in Syria. The revelation was made on social media by Viktor Alksnis, a Russian politician who is a former Russian Air Force fighter pilot.  

Alksnis drew attention to recent images showing that American GPS systems made by the Garmin company have been installed in the cockpits of Su-34 fighter-bombers in Syria, and that the Russian pilots are using the receivers during combat operations in northern Syria to assist the Syrian Air Force. 

Experts confirmed to the Defense Blog website that the systems were indeed GPS receivers made by Garmin, and that it is possible that the Russians installed them in their planes in case their navigation systems did not work. Garmin says that its receiver provides the pilot with precise navigation and location data even in heavy clouds and deep canyons.

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