Report from German parliament: Israel and Lebanon secretly negotiating border issues

The disclosure was said to have been in response to a question at the parliament. Meanwhile, a German government spokesperson denied a claim that the IMF cannot approve a loan to Lebanon due to lack of agreement on the borderline

Photo: Israeli Navy

The German website reported that the German government announced in response to a parliamentary question that secret negotiations are currently underway between Israel and Lebanon on demarcation of their shared borders, especially the maritime border. The U.S. government is mediating these talks.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the German federal government denied a claim that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) cannot currently approve a loan to alleviate the economic crisis in Lebanon due to the lack of agreement on the borderline. He said that the IMF always negotiates the conditions of loans with the respective government of a country and then monitors compliance with the conditions. Since a government has yet to be formed, the IMF lacks negotiating partners. "Political inability to act" in Lebanon is why international aid is being delayed, according to the spokesperson.

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