Sepio Systems expands partnership with Merlin Ventures for federal customers in US

"Having ultimate visibility and policy enforcement is critical in protecting federal agency and state assets and safeguarding sensitive information access through hardware devices," the founder of Merlin said 

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Sepio Systems, which deals with zero trust hardware access, announced that it will expand its partnership with Merlin Ventures, a strategic investor in emerging technologies, to deploy the company's Hardware Access Control (HAC-1) solution to U.S. federal agencies.

Merlin Ventures, which strategically invests in innovative cybersecurity companies, recently issued a purchase order of about one million dollars, consisting of several projects for its commercial and US federal customers. These customers are engaging with Sepio's HAC-1 solution and supporting Merlin's mission of bringing emerging cyber technologies to its U.S. customers. The solution offers ultimate visibility into the physical layer using a hardware fingerprinting solution combined with existing security solutions to maximize organizational investment in cyber solutions.

"Hardware security has become an increasingly critical component for today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity environment across various business verticals, including government agencies," said David Phelps, the founder of Merlin, who currently serves as the company's chairman and CEO. "As a long-standing cybersecurity solution provider for federal agencies, we're thrilled to announce this expanding partnership with Sepio Systems, which will enable us to enhance our portfolio with comprehensive IoT cybersecurity asset visibility and management for federal agencies."

"Federal agencies and their assets are consistently targeted by threat actors. Sepio Systems' HAC-1 solution ensures their security and enables the GAO (Government Accountability Office) recommendations for hardware security to be implemented to their fullest," said Yossi Appleboum, CEO of Sepio Systems Inc. 

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