Report: CAA USA to release new pistol conversion kit 

The company's CEO Mikey Hartman announced on the company's YouTube channel that the kit will be available in January 2022

One of CAA's micro conversion kits. Photo: CAA

CAA USA, a developer and manufacturer of accessories for light weapons, has announced that it will soon be releasing a new pistol caliber carbine, the latest addition to its series of micro conversion kits (MCKs). The company's CEO, Mikey Hartman, announced on the company's YouTube channel that the new kit will be ready for marketing at the SHOT Show exhibition in the U.S. in January 2022. The MCKs are based on the kit known in Israel as the "Micro Roni" that is developed and manufactured by CAA USA's parent company, Israel's CAA Industries.

The Firearm Blog website reported that the new kit will be chambered in 10mm and 9mm; will be available in 16.5″ and 10″ barrel lengths, with an addition of 10″ with a faux suppressor to meet the minimum barrel length requirement; will use either Glock magazines or original CAA magazines; and have a stock that folds to the left or the right that allows firing when folded; a blowback system that CEO Hartman says has been tested with 400,000 rounds so far and proven to be very reliable; and an M-LOK forward grip with an integrated spare magazine holder.

The site said that those details are based on a teaser video clip that the company posted on its YouTube site, and that the name of the new kit has yet to be released. It remains to be seen whether the company will eventually launch the new kit.

In this context, it should be mentioned that CAA Industries is the developer of the "Roni" pistol conversion kit and owner of the patent for it. In recent years, there were legal battles over ownership of the company and its subsidiaries. However, in a compromise reached in 2020, Moshe Oz, the owner of CAA, regained full ownership of the company. Oz, who was interviewed by Israel Defense in July 2020, claims that as part of the compromise he agreed that CAA USA would continue to manufacture and market the pistol conversion kit in question. Oz noted during the interview with Israel Defense that he set up a marketing company in the US called CAA America that aims to sell the company's products in the American market, including via online sales.

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