German Army to purchase thousands of MG5 machine guns 

The Army intends to purchase over 11,000 of the firearms, worth about 175 million euros, by 2025

German Army to purchase thousands of MG5 machine guns 

Photo: Bundeswehr/Jana Neumann

The German Army will purchase more than 11,000 MG5 machine guns made by German company Heckler and Koch in a deal valued at about 175 million euros. The contract was signed on April 16, but it was only published last week on the European tender platform TED. The deal is said to include vehicle-related kits, special tools, spare parts and logistical services worth over 30 million euros. 

German website Soldat &Technik reported that around two-thirds of the order is scheduled to be delivered by 2024 with the remainder to be delivered by 2025. It said that 7,472 of the guns in standard MG5, modular MG5A1, and infantry weapon MG5A2 configurations are ready to be delivered. When delivery is completed, the German Army will have almost 19,000 of the three types. The Army also has the option of purchasing almost 4,000 more MG5s under the contract if necessary, according to the report.

The MG5 is a 7.62x51mm caliber weapon with a gas-operated reloading system. The machine gun based on the HK121 has been produced by Heckler and Koch since 2005.

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