Navy's new warship, the INS Oz, arrives in Israel

The Sa'ar-6 class missile corvette arrived Wednesday in Israel. The process of installation of weapons systems on the ship will be completed in the coming months at the Navy's shipyard in Haifa  

Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that the Sa'ar-6 class missile corvette INS Oz arrived yesterday (Wednesday) in Israel. After a journey of two weeks from Germany, the ship anchored at the Navy base in Haifa. The INS Oz is the second of four Sa'ar-6 class ships that will join the Israeli Navy. Its arrival is a significant milestone in the strengthening of Israel's power, including in the economic field. The ships will be a main part of the network for defense of Israel's territorial waters and its offshore energy resources. 

The process of installation of weapons systems on the ship will be completed in the coming months at the Navy's shipyard in Haifa, thus enabling it to enter operational service. Defense Minister Benny Gantz and the commander of the Navy, Maj. Gen. Eli Sharvit, participated in the ceremony marking the arrival of the ship. The crew of the INS Oz that returned to Israel with the ship also took part in the ceremony.   

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, "All of you here fought hand in hand with all of the IDF's military branches, as part of our multi-dimensional approach to combat. This is yet one example of the innovation and operative abilities that the Navy has developed, an illustration of the power that we are prepared to employ across the different fronts, including on the Lebanese front, as well as further away, in contending with attempts to equip our enemies with arms that would undermine regional stability."

"Our ability to develop these capacities is a derivative of our long-term vision, and our ability to preserve these capacities and have the upper hand over our enemies demands of us, political leadership, to advance a multi-year plan that will ensure stability and long-term development of the different arms of the IDF."

The commander of the Navy, Maj. Gen. Eli Sharvit, said that the commanders and fighters of the INS Oz have reached another milestone in Israel's naval wall of defense. The ships joining the ranks of the Navy are as imperative as air is to breathing, he said, as the security picture is incessantly changing and new threats are raising their heads. There is no doubt that the INS Oz, like its sister ships, is a technological wonder, but just as it is a sign of advancement, it is also a sign of extensive cooperation and cross-border human power, he added.         

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