Luxembourg Army to replace its armored vehicle fleet

The Western European country's government allocated €367 million to purchase 80 new vehicles

Photo: Luxembourg Army 

The Luxembourgish media reported that the country's government agreed last week to spend up to €367 million to replace and maintain its fleet of armored military vehicles in a new effort to fulfill commitments to spend more on shared defense of NATO.

The Luxembourg Times website quoted Defense Minister François Bausch as saying that the budget will enable the purchase of 80 lightly armored vehicles for the Luxembourg Army, as well as cover logistical costs during their lifecycle of about 15 to 20 years. The Army's aging fleet of 42 Humvees, made by U.S.-based AM General, and 48 Dingo 2 Protected Reconnaissance Vehicles (equipped with Kongsberg Protector remote weapon stations), made by Germany's KMW, will be replaced by 2025.

The decision is part of an effort by the small but wealthy grand duchy to spend at least 0.72% of its gross domestic product on mutual defense efforts by 2024, still far below the promise of NATO members to spend 2% of GDP by that date, the Luxembourg Times said.

The Army Recognition website estimated that the decision to refresh the Army's vehicle fleet is based on Luxembourg's desire to strengthen its partnership with the Belgian and French armies and thus benefit from compatible equipment within the framework of binational units in particular, as part of a project to create a Belgian-Luxembourgish battalion. Tenders will be issued in the coming months to determine precisely which model will enter service in 2025, according to the website. 

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