During exercise, US Navy intercepts missile in space 

The test was carried out as part of the Shield 2021 exercise with the participation of 15 ships and planes from various countries. There was also a scenario of tracking both enemy planes and missile threats at the same time

The ballistic missile interception test last week. Photo: U.S. Navy

In a test, the U.S. Navy successfully intercepted a ballistic missile in space. The interceptor was launched from the deck of the destroyer USS Paul Ignatius, with advanced SMART-L radar, manufactured by Thales, and an SM-3 interceptor operated for the test.     

The Shephard News website reported that the test was held June 3 as part of the Shield 2021 exercise. The radar installed on a frigate of the Netherlands Royal Navy automatically detected and tracked the ballistic missile for five minutes, with the missile reaching a cruising speed of three kilometers a second at an altitude of more than 300km. 

Fifteen ships and planes from various countries participated in the exercise. The test also examined the possibility of intercepting a supersonic sea-skimming missile, and a combined sea and air scenario in which enemy planes were tracked at the same time as a ballistic missile threat. The missile used during the test can intercept targets at altitudes of 400km.      

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