Report: Iran hopes to return to nuclear accords by August

The IAEA claims that the current stockpile of Iran includes 62.8 kilograms (138.5 pounds) of uranium enriched up to 20% purity, and 2.4 kilograms enriched up to 60% purity

According to a report by Bloomberg, Iran announced that it hopes that it will be able to revive the nuclear agreement with the world's powers by August, when the term of President Hassan Rouhani ends, and reach an agreement with the U.S. that will ease the sanctions on its economy and oil exports. Ali Rabiei, spokesman for Iran's government, said that there are "no obstacles" in the way of the negotiations in Vienna, now in their eighth week, for the return to the agreement from 2015.  

According to Khaaasteh, a return to the agreement will also benefit large aviation companies, including Airbus, Boeing and ATR. Those companies, according to the report, will enter negotiations with Iran for the sale of new passenger planes if the relevant U.S. sanctions on Iran are cancelled.       

Other reports claim that, in the meantime, Iran continues to violate the sanctions, in a demonstration of defiance that started after the U.S. withdrawal from the accords about three years ago. According to a report by AP, a secret report by the U.N. claims that Iran has not handed over to the IAEA relevant statistics for supervision of its nuclear facilities since February.    

"The United Nations’ atomic watchdog hasn’t been able to access data important to monitoring Iran’s nuclear program since late February when the Islamic Republic started restricting international inspections of its facilities, the agency said Monday," the report said. 

"While the IAEA and Iran earlier acknowledged the restrictions limited access to surveillance cameras at Iranian facilities, Monday’s report indicated they went much further. The IAEA acknowledged it could only provide an estimate of Iran’s overall nuclear stockpile as it continues to enrich uranium at its highest level ever."

In the classified report by the IAEA, the agency released estimates of Iran’s stockpile rather than precise figures, saying that as of May 22, Iran’s total enriched uranium stockpile was 3,241 kilograms (7,145 pounds), an increase of about 273 kilograms (600 pounds) from the last quarterly report.

AP claimed that the figures show a decline in enrichment capability, hinting that it was connected to the sabotage at Natanz. "That was down from an increase of nearly 525 kilograms (1,157 pounds) reported in the last quarterly report (the one before the current estimate)." However, the decline during the period could be connected to a decision of the Iranian government in the framework of the negotiations, but it is not possible to know for sure.   

The agency added that the current stockpile includes 62.8 kilograms (138.5 pounds) of uranium enriched up to 20% purity, and 2.4 kilograms enriched up to 60% purity — well above the 3.67% purity allowed under the JCPOA.

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