Serbian Army takes delivery of Russian tanks, armored vehicles

The donated T-72MS tanks and BRDM-2MS armored vehicles are intended for a new armored battalion and a new reconnaissance battalion

Serbian Army takes delivery of Russian tanks, armored vehicles

Serbian BRDM-2MS vehicles. Photo: Ministry of Defence, Republic of Serbia

The Serbian Ministry of Defense announced that Russia donated 30 T-72MS Main Battle Tanks and 30 BRDM-2MS armored reconnaissance vehicles to the Serbian Army. The Serbian Minister of Defense, Nebojša Stefanović, said the donation from the Russian Federation to the Serbian Armed Forces was worth about 75 million euros, and that Russia had also sent 11 T-72 tanks and 10 infantry fighting vehicles in November 2020. He added that the vehicles are intended for the formation of a new armored battalion and a new armored reconnaissance battalion.

The T-72MS tank, an upgraded variant of the T-72, weighs 44.5 tons and has a maximum speed of 60 km/h. It is fitted with a 125mm gun that can hold 42 projectiles, a 7.62mm PKT machine gun that can hold 2,000 rounds, and a 12.7mm KORD machine gun that can hold 600 rounds. The BRDM-2MS armored reconnaissance vehicle is intended for all types of combat reconnaissance operations on land and water. It can also be used for purposes such as camouflage, transportation of crews and officers, communications, command, and location of enemy forces. 

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