Slovenian Army takes delivery of Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

The JLTVs are to be equipped with Spike anti-tank missiles made by Israel's Rafael

Photo: Slovenian Ministry of Defence

Slovenia became the second Balkan state to receive the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) manufactured by American company Oshkosh. The Slovenian Defense Ministry announced that 38 of the vehicles arrived at the port of Koper on May 11. The only other Balkan country that has taken delivery of the tactical vehicles is Montenegro, which received its first 4x4 JLTVs in October 2020.

Oshkosh is delivering the vehicles to Slovenia under a contract worth 32 million euros that was signed in November 2018. Slovenian JLTVs will be equipped with Kongsberg’s M153 Protector remote weapons station integrated with Spike long range missiles developed by Israel’s Rafael. As reported by Israel Defense in January, the Slovenian Armed Forces successfully test-fired Rafael's Spike LR missiles in a demonstration that included the firing of a 12.7mm gun and a Spike LR missile from a Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Station mounted on an Oshkosh JLTV platform.

Montenegro chose to equip its JLTVs with remote controlled weapon stations developed by another Israeli company, Elbit Systems. In addition to Slovenia and Montenegro, Macedonia has also ordered the JLTV. Deliveries of the first 33 units are to take place during the 2022-2023 period. The country has the option of buying a total of 152 JLTVs by 2024.

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