The confrontation continues: Salvos of Hamas rockets in early-morning hours. IDF attacks rocket production sites 

The IDF attacked more than 600 terror targets in the Gaza Strip. About 130 launches from Gaza into Israeli territory were identified. Several terrorist attacks were thwarted in Judea and Samaria 

Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

As of 6:00 this morning, there had been about 130 launches from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory since 20:00 last night. About 24 rockets fell in the territory of Gaza. Air defense troops intercepted dozens of rockets according to the interception policy. The IDF attacked more than 600 terror targets in the Gaza Strip.   

The IDF attacked another Hamas internal security headquarters used for counterintelligence in Khan Yunis. IDF aircraft attacked the home of Iyad Tayeb, commander of the central camps battalion of the Hamas terror organization. His home served as terror infrastructure. Strategically important buildings of the Hamas terrorist organization were attacked, and a squad of the Hamas naval force was killed.     

Ben Gurion Airport was closed for landings, and planes were diverted to Ramon Airport. Some airlines announced that they would cancel flights to Israel.  

On its part, Hamas launched rockets into areas of southern and central Israel during the entire day, including the early-morning hours. There was a direct hit on a building in the city of Petach Tikva. The Home Front Command's search and rescue unit helped comb the area where the rocket hit. Eight people were wounded, two of them moderately.        

A terrorist armed with a handgun and knife arrived at Etzba Gavia Junction adjacent to the Sela outpost of the IDF's Samaria Brigade, got out of his car and opened fire on IDF troops engaged in operational activity in the area. The troops returned fire and neutralized the terrorist. Two of the soldiers were taken to a hospital for treatment.  

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