Israel's Imperva acquires American startup for defense of APIs

The solution of CloudVector complements Imperva's defense capability, does not require any code change, and can provide a picture of the situation within minutes

Oz Wilder, VP Product Management, Imperva. Photo courtesy of the company

Israeli cybersecurity company Imperva is acquiring CloudVector, an American startup specializing in defense of application programing interfaces (APIs). The company said that the Israeli staff will continue to lead development of the product and be reinforced by CloudVector workers, enabling the acceleration of operations and shortening of timelines. 

CloudVector's solution complements Imperva's capabilities to defend APIs by discovering all the APIs in the organization without changing the traffic, as well as by classifying data with the help of artificial intelligence-based algorithms, and by identifying sensitive data exposure as well as suspicious anomalous behavior.   

CloudVector built a dynamic cataloging capability combined with continuous monitoring that helps customers identify APIs that were established informally or without approval or supervision. The installation is simple, does not require any code change, and is designed to be incorporated naturally into the DevOps pipelines to provide a picture of the situation within minutes. 

"As a pioneer in modern API security, Imperva protects our customers from the risks associated with the misuse of APIs via exposures or attacks, and the exfiltration of sensitive data," said Pam Murphy, the company's CEO. "Over the last year, we’ve seen significant acceleration in the number and volume of production APIs, such that API-related traffic now makes up more than 70% of our Cloud WAF traffic."

Oz Wilder, VP Product Management at Imperva, added that "CloudVector complements and strengthens our investment in API Security. We were also impressed by the product technology as well as the synergy with Imperva's innovation in Service Mesh architecture."