F-15E fighters fly from Britain to Jordan with double the standard load of munitions 

The test flight in a "bomb truck" configuration was carried out on April 25 from Lakenheath air base in Britain to Al Dhafra air base in Jordan 

Photo by Staff Sgt. Zade Vadnais. 380th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

Six F-15E fighters from the U.S. Air Force carried out a special flight from Britain to Jordan in a special configuration carrying double the standard load of munitions. The F-15E is the most advanced version of the Eagle fighter, similar to the version that Boeing is offering is offering the IDF to replace its aging Eagle fighters.    

The Aviationist website reported that two months ago the first tests of the F-15E in a "bomb truck" configuration, in which the plane carries an especially large amount of bombs, were carried out. In this configuration, each plane carries 12 regular and laser-guided JDAM 500 kg bombs, four small diameter bombs and other types of munitions – a total amount that is double the standard load for such fighter planes. 

The test flight in "bomb truck" configuration was carried out on April 25 from Lakenheath air base in Britain directly to the Al Dhafra air base in Jordan. The intention was to test carrying double the amount of munitions on a long flight, and landing at a forward operating base. Capt. Jessica Niswonger, the weapon system officer who planned the flight, expressed satisfaction from the flight by the six planes and said that "now we’re going to get ready for combat ops."

Following the series of test flights, the F-15Es will join the U.S. Central Command for a variety of missions, said to be mainly for bringing especially large quantities of munitions via the air to contested environments and generating special air power.  

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