German report: Iran continues procurements for developing weapons of mass destruction 

As it has done for the last few years, German intelligence continues to warn of Iranian espionage efforts in the country as well as efforts to acquire technologies for development of weapons of mass destruction

In 2020, Iran continued to attempt to acquire components for developing weapons of mass destruction. These efforts are likely to continue, according to a report by Germany's Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution.  

The agency, the counterpart of the U.S. FBI, said that there is proof that Iran is misleading the world regarding the nature of its nuclear program. Tehran continues to claim that the program is for peaceful purposes, but recently it started to enrich uranium to 60% purity, the level needed only for atomic bombs. The country also continues to manufacture and conduct tests of ballistic missiles, whose primary purpose is to carry nuclear payloads for long ranges.  

Furthermore, the report says that in order to obtain the necessary data, Iran is making efforts to establish ties with German companies that deal with high-tech fields, and in order to obtain those materials Tehran will not hesitate to violate the sanctions imposed on it. The report also says that Iran is carrying out sophisticated espionage activities, and Germany is one of the European countries in which Iranian spies are known to be operating. Germany continues to be a focus of intelligence activity, including collection of data on policies, the business world and science.   

In addition, Iran continues to be involved in surveillance of domestic and overseas opposition groups, namely surveillance of opponents of the Iranian regime living outside Iran. North Korea, Syria and Pakistan are engaged in similar operations.  

Benjamin Weinthal, a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said regarding       the report that Iran continues to seek out technologies aimed at achieving its goal of manufacturing nuclear weapons and expanding its missile arsenal. Weinthal accused German Chancellor Merkel of ignoring the findings and the reports she receives from her intelligence agencies, and of preferring a nuclear agreement with Iran in order to promote the German business sector.  

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