Report: As result of SolarWinds breach, U.S. military concerned about updating software platforms

The U.S. Special Operations Command is concerned about updating operational platform software due to concern that someone would be able to manipulate the update files  

Photo: Bigstock

Following a series of large cyberattacks against U.S. armed forces and government networks, officials at the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) are redrawing their plans for a massive update of its intelligence analysis program, the Global Analytics Platform. 

Officials from the command published an additional request for information (RFI) in April as a follow-on to a request regarding the update published in June for the GAP program. The update is aimed at upgrading the legacy GAP system with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and cloud computing architectures to support current and future operations.    

According to the first RFI published in June, the GAP upgrade effort is divided into two segments. The first part will focus on the general development of the system upgrade and general improvements of the GAP program, and the second part will maintenance of the system for the long term and supporting sustainment of the lifecycle of the platform.   

The upgrades of the system in the first stage will include implementation of "data science and artificial intelligence (and) machine learning disciplines to improve analyst workflow," according to the RFI. Afterwards, officials from the command will assemble a "multi-disciplinary, agile software development team" for development and implementation of GAP applications combining AI capabilities, machine learning and advanced data science technologies.