Report: Abu Mazen decides to cancel elections in Palestinian Authority – because of Israel

The report by Lebanese newspaper Hadikat al-Akhbar is based on sources from Fatah. According to the report, the EU, Jordan and Egypt were informed of the decision

By Gobierno de Chile, CC BY 3.0 cl,

According to a report by Lebanese newspaper Hadikat al-Akhbar, Abu Mazen decided to cancel the elections in the Palestinian Authority. The reason: Israel is preventing him from holding the elections in East Jerusalem.

"It has become known to al-Akhbar, from sources in Fatah, that the president of the authority, Mahmoud Abbas, made a decision to cancel the elections using the excuse that the occupation refuses to hold them in Jerusalem, and that he informed the European Union, the Jordanians and Egypt about it. The step will be announced on Thursday after a meeting of the executive committee of the liberation organization," the report said. 

"But the Europeans recommended him to give them until Thursday to put pressure on Israel before he finalizes his position. Conversely, Hamas refuses to delay the elections, and accuses Abbas of intending to cancel the elections not because of Jerusalem but rather because of the internal situation of Fatah that is entering the elections with three lists, and because of Israeli warnings that Hamas will win in the West Bank. Also, the Popular Front announced its refusal to postpone the elections."

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