Report: Jordanian intelligence interested in products of NSO

The contacts between the sides started, according to the report, at the end of 2020. It should be mentioned that an attempted coup was thwarted in Jordan recently, and the Jordanian intelligence is responsible for the survival of the king

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According to a report by journalist Barak Ravid, Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO "negotiated with the Jordanian government in recent months on a deal to sell new spying technology," the report said

It should be mentioned that an attempted coup was thwarted in Jordan recently, according to reports in the kingdom. In this context, the Jordanian intelligence services are responsible for the survival of the king, including monitoring of terror groups and opposition activists. 

"The sources say the negotiations between NSO and the Jordanian government started late last year, and a delegation of the company’s senior executives and technology experts traveled to Amman," Ravid wrote. 

It should also be mentioned that every deal by the company must be authorized by the Israeli Defense Ministry. In other words, if the intelligence services of Jordan buy the company's system, the ministry will know about it.   

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