The Karimi family and its involvement in the explosions at the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz

For the second time, the Iranians accuse a person with the surname Karimi of sabotaging the enrichment facility
photo of Reza Karimi

Following the explosion at the nuclear facility in Natanz a number of days ago, the Iranian security service released over the weekend a picture of Reza Karimi, who is accused of causing the explosion. Raza, who worked at the enrichment facility in Natanz, left Iran before the explosion. It should be mentioned that major damage was caused to the enrichment facility as a result of the explosion in its electricity system, according to open sources.       

The New York Times quickly reported that according to its sources in Israel and the U.S., the facility sustained major damage. According to the newspaper, a powerful explosion took place in the electricity system as a result of a classified Israeli operation. The newspaper estimated that it will take the Iranians at least nine months to repair the enrichment facility.  

The blackout at the enrichment facility occurred one day after Iran started to operate advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment in violation of the nuclear agreement that was signed with Iran, and after certain progress in the talks between representatives of the powers and Iran in Vienna. The Iranian Intelligence Ministry said that the security service is taking action to return Reza to Iran in order to put him on trial.  

Dr. Raz Tzimmt, an Israeli expert on Iran, pointed out that following the previous explosion in Natanz, in July 2020, the Iranians accused Ershad Karimi of responsibility. Is it a coincidence that both of the accused have the same surname? You decide.