IAI displays capabilities of advanced 'Barak ER' interceptor with 150km range 

The operationally-proven Barak system for ground, naval and air forces is capable of defeating a variety of threats including fighter planes, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and UAVs, according to the company

Photo: IAI

After successfully completing a series of tests of its "Barak" air defense system, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) on Monday released video showing the testing of the system’s capabilities against a range of threats, including the interception of a ballistic target by the Barak ER (Extended Range) interceptor.

The Barak ER, developed by IAI, can intercept both ballistic targets and airborne threats at an extended range of 150 kilometers. The interceptor is part of IAI’s Barak Air Defense System family capable of striking targets at various ranges. The extended range capability, made possible in part by adjusting the interceptor and the MMR radar capabilities to a 150 km range, can be used with both naval and land platforms, according to IAI. 

The Barak ER that was used during the tests was taken directly from the company’s production line. The interceptor revolutionizes air defense with unprecedented flexibility, with real-time full net-centric combat management as well as unique smart launchers. The launchers are capable of independently launching and managing any mix of interceptors without a dedicated command post on site. The sophisticated battle management system optimizes the interceptors to match threats in real time. Thanks to these features, an operator can create unique responses using a mix of interceptors for different threats, as well as phase their procurement gradually according to budget constraints, IAI said.

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI, said, "The BARAK Air Defense System is a modern yet mature, operationally proven system that maximizes the capabilities required to meet threats today, in particular, against ballistic targets. The system has both naval and land versions. Both versions share building blocks, relying on the air defense know-how developed at IAI over the past decades. IAI produces all of the system’s elements in-house, including: radars, launchers, missiles, and the command and control center. Only select companies in the world possess such comprehensive capabilities. The extensive firing trials to which the system was subjected under difficult land and sea conditions is the best proof of the system’s capabilities. The modular approach, and the smart launchers, fit customer demand for utmost flexibility on the battlefield and in procurement given budget constraints. As such, BARAK provides an optimal solution for the present and future battlefield.”

According to IAI, the Barak is one of the world’s most advanced defense systems. Operationally proven, it is used by several armies worldwide, including the Israeli Navy, India’s Air Force, Army and Navy, and additional customers. The Barak provides wide-area protection against a range of air, sea and ground threats, including ballistic, ground-to-ground, and cruise missiles, UAVs, and helicopters. It consists of several systems at the forefront of technology, including interceptors for a variety of ranges and advanced homing seekers, digital MMR radar or MFSTAR radar for naval platforms, a command and control system, and unified launchers for different ranges. These systems are complemented by breakthrough communication and connectivity capabilities, providing the user with optimal force activation using several batteries or ships for the multidimensional battlefield, IAI said.

The Barak ER. Photo: IAI

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