US donates $10 million worth of LAW anti-tank weapons to Lithuania

The systems are to be used by the country's National Defense Volunteer Force, part of the Lithuanian Armed Forces

Photo: Corporal Nathan Moulton, Land Task Force Imagery

The United States has donated M72 LAW anti-tank weapons to Lithuania. The Soldat & Technik website reported that the $10 million worth of systems will be used by part of the Lithuanian military, the National Defense Volunteer Force, or KASP, made up of 800 troops on active duty and 5,000 reservists. 

The website noted that the M72 LAW is not entirely new to Lithuanian soldiers. After independence from the Soviet Union, the armed forces received the anti-tank weapon systems as military aid. The weapons that are no longer used today have since been replaced by the Saab Bofors Dynamics AT-4 and the Carl Gustav M2 and M3 bazookas. It is still unclear which version of the LAW was handed over to the Lithuanian forces. However, it seemed from the official press release that reusable training weapons with sub-caliber ammunition were also part of the package, the report said. 

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