Britain supports US operations in Black Sea by sending warships, surveillance plane

Royal Navy warships will sail to the Black Sea in May amid the tension in the region

Britain's Royal Air Force and Navy are supporting the operations of the U.S. Navy in the Black Sea area, and are sending planes and warships to the Black Sea. A surveillance plane of the Royal Air Force was seen two days ago carrying out a flight in the direction of the Black Sea in order to monitor the Russian Army on the border of Ukraine. Also, warships of the Royal Navy will sail to the Black Sea in the beginning of May amid the tension in the region.  

Open intelligence sources reported that a Boeing RC-135W plane took off from Waddington base in Britain, refueled in midair and flew towards the Black Sea area. The UK Defense Journal website reported that the plane flew in commercial flight paths without concealing itself in order to send a clear message to Russia. The Royal Air Force says that the plane is equipped with electronic equipment for tactical and strategic missions, including special sensors that pick up emissions from communications, radar and other systems.

The Sunday Times, quoting senior officials, reported that a destroyer armed with anti-aircraft missiles and an anti-submarine frigate will leave the Royal Navy's carrier task group in the Mediterranean and sail via the Bosphorus into the Black Sea in May. F-35 fighter planes and Merlin anti-submarine helicopters stand ready on the large aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Those aircraft are supposed "to support" the ships that will sail to the Black Sea. The British Defence Ministry did not comment on those reports, but said the British government is cooperating with Ukraine to monitor the situation, and called on Russia to de-escalate the tension in the region.

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