Four W. European countries intend to procure hundreds of all-terrain armored vehicles 

Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain plan to acquire at least 500 of the ATVs from BAE Systems for $1.2–1.4 billion

The BvS10. Photo from the Royal Navy website

Several Western European countries intend to procure hundreds of new all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) based on BAE's BvS10. The Janes website reported that Sweden is leading a joint effort by European BvS10 operators to procure the ATVs. Brigadier General Mikael Frisell, Director Land Systems at the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, also known as the FMV, said Sweden is providing the central purchasing body for the single-source procurement of at least 500 ATVs from BAE Systems Hägglunds for $1.2–1.4 billion.

Janes said that the other countries involved are fellow BvS10 operators Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The four countries signed a statement of intent in April 2020. According to Brigadier General Frisell, the four nations are harmonizing requirements and moving towards an agreement on them so the invitation to tender to Hägglunds could be issued this summer and a draft contract could be ready by early next year, with the final contract award the following summer or autumn. 

The new ATV will be based on the 2022 version of the BvS10. Brigadier General Frisell said Swedish requires at least 150–200 vehicles: troop transport, logistic, medical, and command and control ones, with the possibility of recovery and support versions being discussed. He expected deliveries to the four nations to begin in 2023 and to last a few years, depending on the total number of vehicles ordered, with a life cycle of up 15–20 years, leaving open the possibility of an upgrade during this period, according to the report.

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