IAI, Thales UK cooperate on advanced sea-to-sea missile with range of 200km

After Finland, Britain is acquiring the missile commonly known as the "Gabriel". In the UK it is called the Sea Serpent

Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries and Thales UK are cooperating in Britain on the Sea Serpent missile, an advanced solution for Type 23 frigates of the Royal Navy. It is an advanced missile against ships and surface targets that is designed to counter current and emerging threats.  

The Sea Serpent missile has enhanced penetration capability and is capable of striking ships and surface targets at ranges of up to 200km. The missile has an RF seeker head, data analysis system, and control system enabling precision detection and location of targets. The system is capable of dealing with kinetic counter-fire and sophisticated electronic countermeasures, enabling the missile to locate and attack targets on the shore, on the open sea, and above land.        

The Sea Serpent is especially designed to operate in situations and environments with heavy electronic interference and decoy measures, and has the capability to overcome land clutter and false alarms.

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