Facebook takes down Israeli disinformation campaign that targeted Israeli citizens

The campaign that was taken down was apparently connected to the ElBaladd website and another campaign attributed to Iran that was carried out against Israelis 

Photo: Bigstock

In a report for March 2021, Facebook reported that it took down a number of disinformation campaigns. Among them were an Israeli one and an Iranian one targeting Israelis.  

"Israel: We removed 37 Facebook accounts, 20 Pages, and one Instagram accounts from Israel that targeted domestic audiences in that country. We found this network as part of our internal investigation. Our assessment benefited from information shared with us by local civil society in Israel. Our investigation found links to ElBaladd, a news website in Israel," Facebook said in a statement. 

"Iran: We removed 29 Facebook accounts, two Pages, one Group, and 10 Instagram accounts from Iran that targeted Israel. We found this network as a result of our internal investigation into the suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior linked to the network we removed in October 2020." 

In total, Facebook removed 14 networks during the month of March. The total number of Facebook accounts removed: 1,167. The total number of Instagram accounts removed: 290. The total number of Pages removed: 255. And the total number of Groups removed: 34.