"It's an honor to host the Israeli Cybertech conference in Dubai, to meet our brothers"

The head of the UAE cyber directorate, Dr. Mohamed al-Kuwaiti, made the comments in a joint interview with his Israeli counterpart Yigal Unna several days before the opening of the conference that will focus on developing opportunities and deepening cybersecurity cooperation between the two countries 

"It is an honor to host the conference in Dubai and to meet all of the good people and the experts, our partners, our brothers," said Dr. Mohammad al-Kuwaiti, head of the UAE cyber directorate, regarding the Cybertech Global conference that will be held in Dubai next week, on April 5-7. The conference will emphasize the deepening of the cooperation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates after the signing of the "Abraham Accords", especially in the field of cyber security.    

Dr. al-Kuwaiti made the comments in an interview with i24 News that was held together with the head of the Israel National Cyber Directorate, Yigal Unna. "It's both threats and countering threats but also opportunities. There's a lot of opportunities, and the UAE is highly advanced, maybe the most advanced nation today in digital transformation," said Unna. "And when you go to the next phase of digital transformation, countering the threats coming from the digital world, meaning cyber, cyber security is about the dark side of the digital age." 

The two officials discussed the "cyber pandemic" that has intensified over the past year, with the transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ways "to turn the lemon into lemonade," or in other words, how to harness the threat for the common good.