US provides 29 Humvees to Albanian Army

The vehicles are part of a priority project to help transform Albania’s 2nd infantry battalion into a motorized infantry battle group

Photo: Albanian Ministry of Defence

The United States has provided 29 new Humvees to bolster Albania’s military capabilities ahead of military exercises in southeastern Europe, the Balkan nation’s Defense Ministry said. U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim said the vehicles were part of a "priority project for the United States – to assist in the transition of Albania’s 2nd infantry battalion from a light infantry battle group to a motorized infantry battle group."

Albania, which is a member of NATO, will use the Humvees while hosting parts of multinational exercises this summer that are being planned as the largest training drills ever held in southeast Europe, and which "will certainly showcase Albania’s importance in the region," Kim said. The U.S. previously supplied Albania with three Black Hawk helicopters and other Humvees. The small country is replacing outdated weaponry with equipment in line with the Western military alliance’s standards.