Cyberattack hits Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier 

According to the company's report, the data was stolen as part of an attack on Accellion software at the end of last year

Hackers released data on workers, customers and suppliers of Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier in one of the biggest cyberattacks on the defense sector in North America. A forensic analysis revealed that confidential data that originated from Bombardier was stolen. The company, whose headquarters is in Montreal, admitted that it had been attacked by hackers but did not specify what happened as a result of the "vulnerability affecting a third-party file-transfer application".   

The Cyber Scoop website said that the company was apparently referring to Accellion, a supplier of file sharing services that fell victim last year to a cyberattack that has had consequences for its customers including Bombardier. A hacker group identified as UNC 2546 used Accellion software to collect information on business partners including a grocery chain, a global law firm, the University of Colorado and a telecom company in Singapore.    

The hackers tried to expose the organizational structure of the victims, as they posted data on a publicly accessible internet site and threatened to release more and more data if sums of money were not transferred to them. According to assessments, about 25 companies connected to service provider Accellion were attacked. Data was stolen from some of them, and others were blackmailed with the threat of material being published on the internet.