SK Group - What's impossible, becomes possible

Photo: IWI

SK Group, founded by Samy Katsav, is one of Israel's four largest defense companies and the only privately-owned one, operating in more than 60 countries worldwide, on all seven continents. The group specializes in global defense, paramilitary solutions, maritime infrastructure development, and private property development.
SK Group Members include IWI - Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), IWI US, PLR, Meprolight, Israel Shipyards, Israel Shipyards Port, Camero-Tech, Uni-Scope Optical Systems, ELVO – Hellenic Vehicle Industries, Naska Medical, and OSHIRA.
90% of SK Group's production is exported, with application-proven solutions bringing innovation from Israel. Our Group product strategy presents a holistic security concept, with solutions for the battlefield, urban warfare, border defense, economic water security, and much more. 
The group's other specialties include Integrated activities and collaborations with other defense industry manufacturers. SK Group specialization also extends to activities that require Transfer of Technology (TOT). Over the last few years, SK Group has established manufacturing plants in multiple countries, including the transfer of production know-how, which benefits the domestic market.
End-To-End solutions

Technology and innovation are at the core of SK Group, where we leverage cross-group synergies to develop and produce future-ready products. SK offers a full suite of homeland security and defense systems worldwide, for applications on land, at sea, and in the air.
With its proven financial strength, a global marketing and support network, and an ability to execute projects anywhere in the world, SK Group has established itself as one of the top defense groups in the world. The group offers a wide range of products designed for battleships, small arms, combat vehicles, electro-optics, smart soldiers, etc.
We pride ourselves on our close relationship with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), from the initiation stages of product ideas, the testing and actual deployment of the products. The IDF verifies a variety of SK Group products for the worldwide defense market. 
Over 5,000 points of sale in the US

Meprolight®, an SK Group member, is the world's largest manufacturer of top-grade Electro-optical, Optical, Self-illuminated, Night Vision, and Thermal Sights. The company is one of the biggest sellers in North America, with over 5,000 points of sale.
Meprolight® products are used and trusted by militaries, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide. Meprolight Electro-Optical Sight technology is available for small arms and OEM solutions for Air, Sea, and Land platforms.

Photo: Meprolight
We conquered the impossible: seeing through walls

Camero-Tech, an SK Group member, provides real-time images through walls based on UWB imaging technology. Its family of products offers enhanced information on multiple stationary and moving objects behind walls, giving military and rescue forces unprecedented situational awareness and operational advantage.
Top military forces, law enforcement agencies, and search and rescue teams worldwide have already chosen Camero's through-wall imaging solutions. Our new system (The XLR80) will give you situational awareness 100 meters from a standoff distance! Stay tuned to learn more.
Battle-proven by the Israel Defense Forces
Israel Weapons Industries is one of the top weapons manufacturers in the world, supplying small arms systems that have been battle-tested by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other armies around the world. The company designs and engineers weapon systems for military, homeland security, and commercial use for clients in over 50 countries worldwide, on all seven continents.
Among other activities, the company operates in the United States (IWI US) and India (PLR) through subsidiary companies and joint ventures, with extensive experience in TOT operations, for the benefit of establishing a local production facility. Additional resources are also devoted to the company's research and development, including investigating new calibers and sizes of guns to gain access to new markets in the future. 

The XLR-80. Photo: Camero-Tech
Building ships for decades

Since 1959, Israel Shipyards has built naval and commercial ships in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. As the sole owner-operator of the first private port in Israel, Israel Shipyards is one of the largest privately-owned shipbuilding facilities in the region.
Israel Shipyards designs and engineers a wide range of vessels for the navy and commercial sector and provides maintenance and repair services of diverse ships and construction services for vast and complex industrial projects.

Photo: Israel Shipyards
IDEX 2021, Abu Dhabi

Due to circumstances related to Covid-19, SK Group had to cancel its participation in the conference this year. However, we will be glad to attend the event in the future. We are grateful to the IDEX conference organizers for the opportunity to participate.