US Special Forces acquiring remotely-piloted aircraft for jamming enemy signals

The classified drone is part of the Hornet unmanned aircraft project including systems for jamming communications 

The US Army Operations Command has acquired an unknown amount of remotely-piloted aircraft that can be carried and launched by individual soldiers, and are capable of blocking and jamming enemy electronic signals in contested domains. The Defense Department refuses to provide details on these aircraft, which are considered classified, but information regarding the acquisition is included in the US defense budget estimate for 2021.   

The Defense Post website reports that the classified drone is part of the Hornet unmanned aircraft project that includes systems that jam communications. The Hornet project was transferred to the Special Forces Command. The remotely-piloted aircraft has a payload with kinetic and non-kinetic equipment including sensors for electronic jamming.

Forbes reported that the equipment in these aircraft of the Hornet project is very powerful and capable of jamming even cellular phones, radios and walkie-talkies. In this context it said that Iraqi militias used mobile phones to coordinate military operations, and in Afghanistan and India government agencies use equipment that enable them to utilize control over hostile communications. 

Forbes wrote that that there are now attack drones that position themselves, using GPS, above terrorist or insurgent safehouses, and jam all of the electronic transmissions in the building where the terrorists are located before a ground force raids the location.