At IDEX expo, UAE Army awards over $3 billion in contracts

The Army is expected to award a total of $5.6 billion worth of contracts during the entire event

Photo: IDEX

The UAE Army has signed deals worth approximately $3.37 billion during the first two days of the IDEX 2021 exhibition currently being held in Abu Dhabi, according to the website of UAE daily The National.

In total, the military has signed 30 deals, including 16 of them, worth about $2.2 billion, with international foreign companies. Among the foreign companies that won contracts with the Emirates Army are Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary that won a $111 million UAV contract, the German company Rheinmetall, and the French company Thales that won a $96 million contract, the report said. 

Among the major local companies that won contracts from the military at IDEX are Calidus, which won a contract worth about $463 million, military vehicle manufacturer Nimr which received a contract worth about $63 million, and Ammroc that was awarded a contract worth about $48 million.

Moreover, many more contracts are expected. The site quotes the organizers of the exhibition as saying that the total number of military transactions at the exhibition will reach the numbers at IDEX in 2019. During that event, the Emirates Army awarded contracts worth about $5.6 billion.

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